Camp Stoa Classes

Our Committees have worked hard to put together a great assortment of classes in speech and debate for all levels. We even have some club and tournament leadership classes available.

Debate 101- Types & Differences
Team Policy Basics
Lincoln Douglas Basics
Team Policy Resolution Analysis
Lincoln Douglas Resolution Analysis
Debate Drills & Games
Evidence Handling for LD & TP
Parliamentary Debate
Coaching Novice to Advanced Debaters
Cross Examination for LD & TP
Advanced Theory
Neg Strategies for TP
Neg Strategies for LD
Debate Research
The Resolution is Always in the Room
Debate Issues & Adjudications

Speech Classes:
Extraordinary Expos - Beyond the Boards
Platforms - Setting the Foundation (Beginning Platforms)
Platforms - Leveling Up (Advanced Platform)
Setting the Stage I (Beginning Interp)
Setting the Stage II (Advanced Interp)
Apologetics I & II
Mastering Mars Hill I
Mastering Mars Hill II
Limited Prep - Writing Great Prompts
Script Sub Made Easy(ish)
Impromptu on the Spot
Wildcard - Get All Your Questions Answered
Know the Rules - Adjudications and Beyond
Better Ballots with Fantastic Feedback

Other Classes:
Effective Leadership
How to Run a Tournament
Using Stoa Resources
Tab Basics

Please note this is a preliminary list of classes. These classes are subject to change based on needs and staffing.